Handcrafted in Nepal

Hidden away in the old city of Patan lies a small factory that produces our Kushi scarfs. At first glance, this tiny building looks no different from the usual Nepali home. Stepping inside, the hustle and bustle of Patan’s streets fade and the rhythmic sounds of production takes over. Women dressed in traditional Nepali ‘kurtas’ smile as they are happy to show the process of traditional Nepali fabric weaving.

With great care, tailor Hari adjusts the last threads and starts looming. “Patience and attention to detail are the keys to creating a beautiful high quality fabric”, she explains while her eyes remain fixed on the scarf in making.

Even though most factories nowadays use machines to produce fabric, many Nepalis prefer this traditional production method to deliver fabric that is not only handcrafted, but consistently unique. It’s a pleasure watching these proud craftswomen create a beautiful product that represents their country and heritage.

Tailor Hari finishing our ‘Billy Jeans’ scarf


The brushing process gives the scarf the perfect softness and texture


Our handmade scarves are produced on this traditional Nepali loom


Mr Dhan, proud owner of his family business

The shuttle can carry different fabrics to create the unique colours of our scarves