About Kushi

We’re a scarf. We’re a friend. We’re a blanket, or a tent.
We’re conscious and awake. We’re Nepali made.
We are Kushi.

At Kushi we produce scarves. And not just any scarf, but some of the softest and finest out there. Handcrafted by a dedicated team of craftsmen and craftswomen in the beautiful country of Nepal.

We enjoyed these scarves immensely during the long and sometimes cold winters we spent living and travelling through Nepal. The thickness, the warmth, the comfort they offer. The way we buried ourselves in them when the wind would howl around us in the outskirts of the Himalaya’s.

It’s a scarf that makes us happy. And we want to bring this happiness to Europe. Who are we? We’re Kushi. It means happy. Surprised? No, we didn’t think so. But wait till you try one yourself.

The founders

Kushi was founded in 2017 by Sanne and Maarten. Two entrepeneurs, travellers and big time fans of Nepal. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and also one of the poorest.

Maarten has been living in Kathmandu for many years, running a local business in sustainable compost and recycling, while Sanne was introduced to Nepal in 2015, when she worked on Rockstart Impact, a start-up accelerator for local entrepreneurs to help them grow their business.

Our belief

Maarten and Sanne believe in a few basic things: the strength and ability of people to manage their own business. The need for sustainable growth in a developing country. And honest pay for honest work. Which means for every cent we make, our suppliers make one too.

Kushi believes in taking responsibility for the world we share. Kushi believes the world would be a better place if business made everybody involved happy. That means everybody benefits; the customer, but even more so the tailor. With the sales of our scarves, we create employment, pay a decent wage, and enable families to send their children to school. We donate 50% of our net profits to the Nepali tailors. And we introduce you to a wonderful product.

We want you to wear Kushi and feel happy.